Advantageous distinctive features of the work of the National Audit Corporation, that create additional value for clients, are the following:

  • considerable experience, record of service and portfolio of clients, than means for our clients the obtaining optimal, well checked and most successful decisions that were developed and capitalized during many years of practice;
  • positive professional and business reputation of the Corporation, that makes a part of the goodwill value for clients and guaranties the fairness of cooperation;
  • ample opportunities for rendering of professional services on the international level due to existence of gained experience, developed international contacts and qualification of specialists;
  • diversification of services that makes possible to provide to clients a complex assistance in solving of various business tasks and gives for clients a set of advantages: starting from cost reduction and ending on attainment of synergetic effect from the cooperation;
  • clear specialization of auditors, consultants and experts; aiming at constant development by specialists of their core qualifications and professionalism;
  • application within the Corporation of the common standards that impose lofty requirements to quality, methods and organizing of services providing process; regular quality controls and monitoring of adherence to internal corporate standards;
  • responsible approach and aiming at providing of all-round support and assistance to clients;
  • moderate pricing policies, that reflect the intention to build long-term mutually beneficial relations with clients.