Industries and Clients

The consolidated portfolio of clients of the National Audit Corporation includes many big and fast-growing Companies that represent a wide range of industries: manufacturing, transport, telecommunications, fuel-energy complex and services.

Companies Services
Russian Railways, JSC Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Samara Airlines, JSC Audit
State ATM Corporation, FSUE Audit, Consulting
Kurumoch International Airport, JSC Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Barren Energy Shipping & Transportation Samara Limited, LLC Audit, Consulting
Prime Shipping, LLC Audit
Fuel-energy complex
Samaraneftegaz, JSC Audit, Consulting
Neftegorsk gas-processing plant, CJSC Audit
Otradnoye gas-processing plant, CJSC Audit, Consulting
Yukos RM, CJSC Consulting
Yukos-Transservice, CJSC Audit, Consulting
Novokuybishevsk Petrochemical Company, CJSC IFRS
Samaranefteproduct, JSC Audit
Baitex, LLC Audit
Samaraenergo, JSC Consulting, IFRS
Volga Territorial Generating Company, JSC Consulting, IFRS
Samara Territorial Generating Company, JSC Outsourcing
Saratov Territorial Generating Company, JSC Outsourcing
Ulyanovsk Territorial Generating Company, JSC Outsourcing
Energoneft Samara, LLC Audit
RDN Group, JSC Audit
Samara-Terminal, LLC Audit
Intera-Samara, LLC Audit
Samara EOR & WO Co., JSC Audit, Consulting, Legal services
Samara-Nafta, CJSC Training, GAAP
Aladdin Oil & Gas Company AS Audit
Volgaburmash, JSC Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Gidroautomatica, JSC Audit
Aviacor – Aircraft plant, JSC Audit
Eurotechnik, CJSC Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Rosskat – Cable plant, JSC Audit, Consulting
Ulyanovsk Machinery Plant, FSUE Audit
Novosibirsk Metallurgical Plant named after Kuzmin, JSC Training, IFRS
Samara Reservoir Plant, CJSC Audit
Metallist-Samara, JSC Аудит
TsSKB-Progress, FSUE SRPSRC Audit
Dvigateli NK, CC FIG, JSC Audit
Building complex
Construction materials plant, JSC Audit, Consulting
Togliatti ferroconcrete plant, CJSC Audit
Industrial-Commercial Union - MTL, CJSC Audit
Agency for the maintenance of highways, SME Audit, Consulting
Samraavtodor, JSC Audit
Volgostalmontaj, JSC Audit
Zim-Stroitel, LLC Audit
Termosteps-MTL, JSC Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Coveright RUS, LLC Audit
SMARTS (Group) Audit, Consulting, IFRS, Automation
Telecom Eurasia, LLC Audit, IFRS
MSS-Povolzhie, CJSC Consulting
Samara Telecom, CJSC Audit, Consulting
SIE Yantar, JSC Audit
Samara State TV Broadcasting Company Audit
Scat - TV Broadcasting Company, JSC Audit
Parfumery, Food, Agriculture
Vesna - Perfumery & Cosmetics Company, JSC Audit
Chocolate Factory – Russia, JSC Audit, Consulting
Rodnik - Samara Distillery Ltd., JSC Audit, Consulting, Legal services
SP Samara, LLC Audit, Consulting
Toglyattihleb - bread-baking plant, JSC IFRS
Ladahleb - bread-baking plant, JSC IFRS
Verola - Samara Macaroni Factory, CJSC Audit
Sunny foods (Group), Including: Novosibirsk oil complex, JSC, Saratov oil complex, JSC, Armavir oil-extracting plant, JSC Audit, IFRS
Bezenchuk poultry-keeping factory, JSC Audit
Trade, Entertainment and Hotel services
Management & Production Systems, Group Audit, IFRS
Renaissance Samara Hotel Leasing, LLC Audit, IFRS
Renaissance St. Petersburg Hotel Leasing, LLC IFRS
Holiday Inn Samara Hotel Audit, Consulting
Viktor & Co Megacomplex Audit, Consulting, IFRS
Samara Business World (Group), including: LasVegas - Gambling systems Audit, Consulting
Finance and Investing Companies
Perspectiva Plus – Investing Company Audit
Neftel – Investing Company Audit
Finance & Technologies, LLC Audit
Element Leasing (Basic Element Group), LLC IFRS, Automation
Non-state Pension Funds
Gubernskiy, PPF Audit
Magistral, PPF Audit
Rosing, PPF Audit
Volgskiy Utes, PPF Audit
Insurance Companies
Samara-Askov– Insurance Company, CJSC Audit
Samara-Rosno– Insurance Company, IC Audit
Samara– Insurance Company, JSC Audit
Samara-Med– Insurance Company, CJSC Audit
ASKO-VAZ, Medical Insurance Company; Audit
Investflot – Insurance Company, LLC Audit
Skif-Income – Insurance Company, LLC Audit
Energopolis– Insurance Company, JSC Audit
Samara Currency Interbank Exchange, JSC Audit
Planning organizations
SamaraNIPIneft, LLC Audit
VNIITneft, JSC Audit
GazNIIproect, CJSC Audit
Samaraneftehimproekt, JSC Audit
Volgoenergopromstroyproect, JSC Audit
Volgostroyproect, LLC Audit
Health services
IDK – Medical Company, JSC Audit
Non-state establishment of Health services of Russian Railways, JSC Consulting