Quality and Responsibility

As indispensable conditions of work the National Audit Corporation keeps confidentiality of the information, adheres strictly to terms of engagements agreed with clients, ensure the responsibility of executors for the quality of rendered services.

In order to ensure the high quality of rendered services the Corporate sets mandatory procedures of internal quality control, witch implicate several levels of check depending on the character and complexity of an engagement.

The quality of rendered services is confirmed by appropriate certificate issued by quality control commission of the Russian Chamber of Auditors (the national professional body).

The professional responsibility of the National Audit Corporation and its partners is insured by major Russian insurance companies (Military Insurance Company, ROSNO, and other insurance companies with high level of reliability A++) to the total amount of 9 millions rubles.

During all period of work of the Corporation and its partners there have never occurred any insured event (grounded claim for the quality of services or demand for loss indemnification).

Neither the Corporation nor its partners have ever broken the licensing terms and requirements In respect of the Corporation and its partners have never been ascertained any facts of braking the licensing terms and requirements, claim approved by the court or penalty imposed by regulatory body for poor quality of audit.